Ladbrokes Roulette


You can play roulette for 20p at Ladbrokes casino. The limit used to be 10p but they have upped it now. The Ladbrokes games Roulette is excellent for the low rollers as well as the high rollers who want to play roulette but without having to download anything. All Ladbrokes casino offer instant play roulette.


Extra Roulette bets.
You can bet on all the standard roulette bets, odd, even, red, black, etc but also these extra bets on the racetrack.

Red Splits
9 and 12
16 and 19
18 and 21
27 and 30
Total Chips Bet: 4

Black Splits
8 and 11
10 and 11
10 and 13
17 and 20
26 and 29
28 and 29
28 and 31
Total Number of Chips staked: 7

Les Voisons Du Zero
0, 2 and 3 (2 chips)
4 and 7
12 and 15
18 and 21
19 and 22
25,27,28 & 29 (2 Chips)
32 and 35
Total Number of Chips staked: 9

Tiers Du Cylindre
5 and 8
10 and 11
13 and 16
23 and 24
27 and 30
33 and 36
Total Number of Chips staked: 6

Your chosen number and the two numbers either side as they appear on the roulette wheel. Total Number of Chips staked: 5

As a final bonus, they also offer Le Partage rules where you get half your stake back if the ball lands on Green. This rule is only applicable on even money bets, eg, red/ black but its a nice bonus.

Live Roulette

Ladbrokes have several live roulette tables too. These tables have limits from £1. Not great for the lo-roller but OK for most.


Live roulette is done by a physical wheel so no chance of being cheated.

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