Live Roulette

What is Live Roulette and How Does it Work?

Live roulette is when the winning roulette number is selected using physical methods rather than a random number. There are three main ways to a winning number from a croupier and a wheel.

The most obvious way is to get a camera in a real life casino and film that. This would be pretty slow though as the croupier has to payout all the winners. This does actually happen on some live roulette tables.

The other way is to have a studio of croupiers. There are no live players to payout so the game is faster. You still get someone spinning a wheel but there is no need to spend time paying out the winners. The computer can instantly work out the winnings, leaving the croupier to spin the wheel again.

The final way is to use an air-powered roulette table. The ball gets spun automatically using a blast of air. This allows for a quicker turnaround. You can even get faster by using multiple wheels.

Why Live Roulette?

Some people are suspicious of random number generated roulette. As explained in the RNG section, it’s not in the interest of the casino to rig the game and would be extremely difficult to do so.

Live roulette is a slower game so you end up losing less in the long run too.

Live Streams from Casinos

Studio roulette is the most popular as they can produce the most spins an hour. If you want roulette from a live casino, its possible but you may have to look a bit further. Grosvenor Casino is one online casino that offers a live feed from one of their land casinos in the UK.

Live casino feed from the Grosvenor Victoria Casino London

It can be quite pleasant listening to background casino music and people chatting away. The game is a lot slower than RNG or Studio Roulette.

Studio Roulette

There are studios are located in different parts of the world. The main Evolution gaming studio is in Riga Latvia.

A croupier spinning the wheel in a studio

Air Powered Roulette

Air-powered roulette is the fastest way to play live roulette. With no one there spinning the wheel, the ultra-paranoid might think it could be rigged too. If you believe in conspiracies the live stream from the casino is best.

Air Power roulette game

Audited Results

As with RNG roulette, the payouts are independently audited by third parties such as GLI Europe.

Audited payout from roulette games


Live roulette is a great way to play roulette online. It’s a slow game so you won’t lose as much. Also as the wheels spin, there is less chance of any foul play.