RNG Roulette

Introduction to RNG Roulette

On electronic roulette, the winning number is determined by a random number. Generating a random number is actually very hard and much depends on the initial conditions. If someone can replicate the initial conditions, they could theoretically predict the next number. Fortunately for the casino, the computer boffins have worked out ways to stop people from working out how to replicate the random number.

Are the games fair?

Some people are suspicious of random number generators as they could in theory be rigged. In practice, this would be very hard to do. Casino operators such as William Hill don’t actually write their own software. They rely on third parties such as Playtech or NetEnt to provide the software. Any backdoor would be available to all clients. It would not be worth their while.

Third-Party Auditing.

As well as trusting the software provider, the casino has to be audited per the requirements of the UK Gambling Commission. Companies such as GLI Europe Certify payouts.


The casino gets reports like the above every month and you are allowed to request them from the casino. Some casinos just publish them anyway. They have nothing to hide as mathematically they will win overall.

Why play RNG Roulette?

Roulette is more or less the same game. It really does come down to personal preferences and speed. A computer can generate a lot more numbers than a croupier can spinning a wheel.

If you want to play the lowest stakes, then it has to be RNG. It would not be worth the casino hiring a croupier for 1p live roulette. Many casinos have 1p RNG roulette tables but 10p live roulette tables.

Variety of Games

There are many different variations of the games with RNG.

William Hill has many different roulette games with slight twists. For example, the 100/1 roulette has 100 more numbers to pick from. It would be very hard to get a wheel with 100 numbers but in software, it’s easy enough to implement. The RTP is between 92.86% and 96.19% depending on the betting strategy. It’s not worth playing compared to regular European Roulette. With these variants, its always best to check the RTP before you play.


RNG roulette is the dominant method of roulette on the internet. They are perfectly fair and safe. The main downsides are that as you can play faster, you can lose faster. Also, some variants have a low RTP.